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Covid Safety Plan

What we are doing to follow the rules set out to minimize the risk of exposure to coronavirus:

  • Pre-screening patients before they come into the office
  • Screening patients upon arrival
  • Any patient suspected of exposure to covid is declined entry until cleared as Covid-free
  • All patients must have a scheduled appointment
  • No walk-in patients are allowed
  • Scheduling more time in between patients to minimize number of people in the office
  • Patient arrival is no more than 5 minutes before appointment time
  • Reduced seating and increased distance between chairs
  • Maintaining 2 metre distance between front desk and patients•Limited contact points for touching
  • Please do not touch anything unnecessarily•Removal of all toys, magazines, and other reading material
  • Providing hand washing and hand sanitizer
  • Recommending patients bring personal protection equipment
  • Sanitization of adjusting room before and after every patient encounter
  • Sanitization of areas of concern; ie front desk area
  • WorkSafe posters with masking and sanitation instructions